Technology, Intellect, Evolution- Why we should be more like babies and how.

Technology should be so seamlessly woven into our lives that it leaves no room for question.

But how do we decide which technology should get the privilege to such great universal acceptance in the fabric of our lives? Do we question?

We live in a time where humans are as fascinated and delighted with their own intellect. Like babies understanding the mystical function of their own fingers and toes.

We live for creation. To look for new possibilities, new answers to age-old questions in the quest to make our lives easier – better. While the makers make, we consume – without questioning. Marveling at our own ingenuity, much like the babies and their fingers.

We have something to remove leftover toothpaste from its plastic tube so there’s no wastage.

We have a product to help put a thread through a needle head.

Are we genius or just lazy? What happened to our natural instinct to differentiate between need over want?

We have to go back to being babies fascinated by their fingers and toes but in a different context than what we’ve followed so far. We need to rediscover the capabilities of our own body.

Our fingers – The finest tools our material world has tried so hard to replicate but only to some level.

Our ability to repair and rejuvenate ourselves day in and day out.

The fact that we can think for ourselves has made us the most complex organism on their planet.

We need to be smarter. We need to go back to our ancient ancestors in animals and see how they meticulously try to survive and thrive in their ecosystem with their sense of community.

We have everything we need and want to live longer, survive against all odds and explore to satiate our curiosity to feed our minds and yet why are we unhappy?

Why, in the world of the most evolved organism to ever walk on earth, does terrorism and poverty still exist?

We’ve conquered the planet in a bid to make our lives more comfortable, now lets start living in it and let it live.

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