I’d like to believe and live in a world where there’s no reason for people to have hidden motives, even if it’s just a reality in my head. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt to give them a chance to be the good person I know they can be. Even if it takes a lot of patience and no judgement because I seek nothing in return from them. Everything I want is fulfilled by me for myself as I keep faith in the vast universe that lies within me and I realise that the universe that I see is a reflection of the universe in me.


Technology, Intellect, Evolution- Why we should be more like babies and how.

Technology should be so seamlessly woven into our lives that it leaves no room for question.

But how do we decide which technology should get the privilege to such great universal acceptance in the fabric of our lives? Do we question?

We live in a time where humans are as fascinated and delighted with their own intellect. Like babies understanding the mystical function of their own fingers and toes.

We live for creation. To look for new possibilities, new answers to age-old questions in the quest to make our lives easier – better. While the makers make, we consume – without questioning. Marveling at our own ingenuity, much like the babies and their fingers.

We have something to remove leftover toothpaste from its plastic tube so there’s no wastage.

We have a product to help put a thread through a needle head.

Are we genius or just lazy? What happened to our natural instinct to differentiate between need over want?

We have to go back to being babies fascinated by their fingers and toes but in a different context than what we’ve followed so far. We need to rediscover the capabilities of our own body.

Our fingers – The finest tools our material world has tried so hard to replicate but only to some level.

Our ability to repair and rejuvenate ourselves day in and day out.

The fact that we can think for ourselves has made us the most complex organism on their planet.

We need to be smarter. We need to go back to our ancient ancestors in animals and see how they meticulously try to survive and thrive in their ecosystem with their sense of community.

We have everything we need and want to live longer, survive against all odds and explore to satiate our curiosity to feed our minds and yet why are we unhappy?

Why, in the world of the most evolved organism to ever walk on earth, does terrorism and poverty still exist?

We’ve conquered the planet in a bid to make our lives more comfortable, now lets start living in it and let it live.

What Are You Hungry For?


Recently, I made a poster for a National Animal Rights Day event which got me thinking about food habits we follow and how our lifestyle revolves around our appetite.

The popular adage –

” Eat to live, don’t live to eat” has lost it’s meaning over the years with the surge in people’s curiosity in gastronomic delights. A meal essentially should be a result of reflection and study, prepared with love and meant to satisfy your hunger to a certain limit.

According to WHO, In 2014, over 39% of adults aged 18 and over were classified as overweight. The number of children suffering from obesity rose to over 40 million in the same year.

In recent years, people have become very sensitive towards their food choices. Non vegetarians, vegetarians, vegans; all argue to prove why their lifestyle choice is best suited for us and while this discussion has transcended different mediums over the years, it hasn’t reached a conclusion.

I’m a vegetarian by choice. The idea of killing an animal to fill my stomach for a single meal is one that always seemed particularly cruel to me. I have survived without meat all my life just fine and if that’s an option, it’s the one I choose.

A couple of years back I was camping on the outskirts of the city in an area dominated by North Eastern communities. They rear animals in their community spaces to sustain their food needs. Naturally, they kill for their own meat. I remember watching a middle aged man gutting three pigs after sawing their heads off. He’d slit their throats and let the pigs bleed out and then went about his daily routine of emptying their insides.

My fellow campers couldn’t even stand looking at the sight and would scurry back to their tents away from the carcass of the pigs. They were the same people who enjoyed the meat later that night.

Centuries ago, when we lived in tribes, we hunted our own meat too. Tribals would respect every single part of the animal by using every single part of the animal for food, shelter and also their clothing. They also prayed to the animals they hunted.

Now we get meat over the counter in frozen containers. We don’t even know how it ended up there and most of us don’t care. Vegans have the same argument about dairy. We don’t know anything about the process of obtaining the milk and yet we consume it in different forms everyday. The news of genetically modified cows injected with hormones to produce more milk never reaches our news feed.

So what’s the best diet you should be following?

I don’t know which lifestyle’s best suited for you. Only you can find out the answer to that question by practicing mindful eating.

Be conscious of what you put in your body and know how it landed on your plate and how your body reacts to it.

” The space between hunger and eating,

where you make the choice you want to make isn’t empty,

it’s filled with awareness.”

– Deepak Chopra

What are you hungry for?

An Open Letter

If you’re constantly stuck with your eyes glued to your smartphone- liking, sharing videos, dank memes and swallowing all the new information pouring into your feed all at once, this letter is addressed to you.


What’s the worth of your time?


Is the question too vague? Let me construct it better.


What are 30 minutes of your time worth?


Is it one episode of your favorite show?

Five levels on an online game?

One thousand posts on your feed?

What are 30 minutes of your time worth and how do you measure it?


All the content you see on social media and other websites- the cute puppy videos, the heart churning stories about an incident two thousand miles away, the memes- are all curated and created by professionals to illicit an emotion from you. The algorithm understands what captures your attention every time you like or share and then gives you more content tailored to your interests. Professionals look at the trends and manufacture structured information to keep you hooked.

“So what?”, you might ask, “I get all that content for free. I’m not spending my own money.”


But at what cost?


Your time? Your peace of mind?

Losing control of yourself to the addiction of social media is reducing the value of every second you spend on it.


So what’s the worth of your time? How do we measure it?


Let’s design a better world where ‘community’ isn’t just a hollow word redefined by social media.

Let’s build a world that really cares for us and what we really need as opposed to what we want.

A world that works to increase the value of our time.

If you’re like-minded and would like to know more/ start a conversation. Drop in a message/ email so I get a chance to know more about your ideas as opposed to a ‘like’ that’s devoid of any opinion.

What are you looking for?


What do we look for in our everyday lives? That small fleeting glance of the little something we search for even with our eyes closed? Trying to keep track of what we did, what we ate in the last few hours when we don’t even remember the day anymore. Looking for a piece of ourselves to hold on to as our bodies start to float aimlessly with the warm summer breeze that reminds us of a faint melody from a song someone played one summer day when the earth seemed to stand still. When your life perfects sums up in an indie playlist that reminds you of your teenage years. The space between your warm sheets and the chill of the early morning. All the times you look away hoping to find yourself in the middle of a generic conversation with another person. Feel yourself leave your body and stare back at you- learning about yourself all over again. Urging yourself that life’s worth it and looking for reasons why. Everything- even your memories- look like old leaves forgotten in yellow pages years ago. Remembering what sober feels like when you’re so drunk on your own feelings. When you feed your body like clockwork- only to keep to the schedule you’ve tied yourself to as a price for one constant in your dizzy life. What do you stay awake for when the first thing you want to do when you wake up is to go back into your sheets. Watching days go by like a in state of dreamless sleep. Why does every trail of thought lead us back to the same truth- we’re social creatures and we always will be. In search of a heart to share your love with would you sell your soul?

Who decides where your destiny’s meant to be? And when you realise you’re the captain of the ship, who do you have to blame your misfortunes on?

Youth, I’ve decided, is one colossal quicksand that you live in where existential crisis is one of the most natural things to happen to you. That blur in your memory you can’t replace in your head because as you grow, you define it in your own sweet way. It makes you who you are and you come to embrace it, like that phantom limb you’ve come to love; with it’s flavour spreading throughout your body as you relish in the familiar feeling coursing through your veins.

We shed a part of our memory everyday just like we shed our skin, naturally, to make space for the person we’ve become today. It’s bittersweet and as we grow each day, we come to learn and love the little things that bring a smile on our faces. The pleasure and the pain- we welcome with our arms open like we’re greeting a long lost friend we’ve been searching for in our hearts to make up for all the stolen summer kisses on a rainy day and just like that, we embrace our past, live in the present and let the future reveal itself in it’s own sweet pace.

Why the Bangalore incident scares me

I’m so sick and tired of hearing about degenerate leaders of insignificant religious, political groups spouting nonsense about fashion and how it influences indecent behaviour. I’ve been interning in Bangalore for about four weeks now and daily my girlfriends and I have new stories to tell each other about our commute. We’ve seen men lech at us, follow us and shamelessly check us out every day even though our clothes cover our entire bodies (Hear that, Mr Azmi?). The Bangalore incident has only brought to light the murky underbelly of the world we live in filled with pervy men we see around all the time. My PG is an unsafe area where after it’s 8.30, you won’t even see many women on the road, just creepy local men watching your every move as you quickly make your way back. I have walked on the road with my friend in broad daylight to witness men on bikes whizz past me close enough to almost touch me only to quickly change lanes before I can see their number plate. The walk to the bus stop and the commute to our offices is an uncomfortable ordeal because we see men lech at us and there’s nowhere to go to escape their eyes.

You and I are privileged enough to be able to avoid situations like these by taking private modes of transport and living in safer, upscale areas but this isn’t about you or me. What about the innumerable women living out there who can’t afford it? Who have to live all their lives afraid of their own shadow?

The Bangalore police commissioner Praveen Sood said that the police checked camera footage from 45-60 CCTVs that night and found no evidence of the mass molestation while here I am, sitting in my office listening to my friend talk about how he was at Brigade road and MG road that night and saw so many unruly men grope and push women around right in front of his eyes and he yet, he was helpless because he couldn’t even move in the crowd. The density of people in that area was so high that you couldn’t stand still even for a second, the crowd would move you along with them. My colleagues and his friends lost their shoes in the crowd, unable to make the slightest effort to bend down and pick it up because they were sandwiched between so many other people in that small space but sadly, many women lost more than that- their faith in the system and their safety in this country we call progressive.

I’ve had so many people advice me to keep a pepper spray or a knife handy for my safety but what I do when I feel so disgusted when I catch a man leering at me? Can I use the knife to gouge his eyeballs out? because I really wish I could do that. I know you’ll probably tell me that some colourful words ought to put him in his place but am I wrong to feel scared to do that because I’m afraid the consequences could lead him and his friends to stalk me to my Pg and take revenge when I’m at my most vulnerable?

The Bangalore Molestation incident you’ve been reading about in the newspapers and watching on news channels happened in the same area where I’m working at right now. Just a few meters away.

My colleagues tell me that they’ve heard of so many incidences like these but they’re just inconspicuously brushed under the carpet so no one gets to hear of them.
These cases don’t happen to everyone, we might still argue that it’s a small percentage of these incidences occurring- An average of 6 rapes and 15 molestations daily but anyone could become a statistic and that’s a scary reality we have to live with.

Daily Musings


Keeping in mind the high tension on the border, PM Narendra Modi has launched a special campaign for indian soldiers, called ‘Sandesh to Soldiers’ TODAY for the Diwali Festival through which people can send their Diwali greetings and messages to soldiers who are guarding us on borders. All of us can send messages on the Narendra Modi App, through, and also through All India Radio.

Here’s to the real heroes staying up all night at the border so we can sleep peacefully in our homes. You are not alone. Wishing our jawans and their families a very happy, safe and prosperous diwali. #Sandesh2Soldiers