My First No Whine Wednesday 

I first heard about No Whine Wednesday while watching a talk by Iyanla Vanzant and decided to pursue it, rather, challenged myself. I confidently declared my next No Whine Wednesday to my closest friends so I wouldn’t back out or have any second thoughts about it.

Wednesday arrived, I ritualistically sat down infront of my laptop gathering my thoughts for the rest of the day and impulsively wrote down “No Whine Wednesday” on a post-it and put it up on my laptop where I could see it everytime my eyes darted across the screen. 

Before the challenge started, I decided to set a boundary- No complaining or whining in my thoughts either. 

In the beginning, I had to be mindful of every conversation I had and it was surprisingly difficult to stick to my intention. I found myself stay quiet where I would have usually retorted back some complaint and in that silence, I observed the conversation around me. 

Most of us have a tendency to whine a lot whether it is to strike a bond over a common issue with someone or just out of habit. 

When was the last time any of us held a long comfortable banter over the possibility of something positive to come out of everything or just have faith in things to work out?

I reaffirmed my intention to my friends every time they’d ask about my silent demeanor in hopes that they’d adopt it or atleast realise that it’s an option too. 

I’ve concluded that No Whine Wednesday is no less than meditation itself. By the end of the day, I felt so good about every single conversation I’d had that day and even though a lot of things didn’t work out according to what I’d planned, I’d never felt better. 

No Whine Wednesday is no easy task, you have to be really mindful of your spoken words and thoughts but it’s something I wish for everyone to follow and if you’re reading this, I recommend you try it or rather challenge you. 

Here’s to all the No Whine Wednesdays in our future and hopefully, all days henceforth. 


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