The Art Of Lying- Why Johny Lies


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According to a research on deception, it was found that children as young as two years old will lie when placed in a situation where lying is in a child’s self interest. By the time children are five years old, they are much more likely to lie to get themselves out of trouble. What’s interesting is that, it is close to impossible for observers, including parents, to see through their lies.

Scientists have found that Humans develop the ability to lie soon after they learn to walk. No wonder lying comes so easy to Johnny, but the real question is, why do we lie in the first place?

Most of the time, People avoid saying the truth because they feel that they’ll face much severe punishment or judgement if they reveal the actual reason instead of the story they cooked up.

It’s easier to lie and say how you were stuck in traffic instead of being honest that you slept in, isn’t it?

It’s scientifically proven that lying adds stress to our brain but we’ve become so used to it that the stress keeps adding up without us realising it in the first place.

When you’re talking to a person, notice his/her breathing change?
their nose getting warmer?
their eyes shifting too much?
They are lying to you.
Don’t be mad.
Considering yourself
Can you say you’ve never lied?
Truth is, We’re not used to being honest ourselves.

When we realise that a person’s lying, we get so angry at him/her but we never try to understand the other person’s reason for doing that.
We have a fake illusion that lying will make our life easier, but actually, it’s easy just for that tiny time frame but after that passes, it becomes much harder whereas if we’re honest, maybe that tiny window will be hard but after that time frame’s gone, it’s much easier.

Is it so hard to tell the truth? Can we not think of the consequences and let the chips fall where they may?
Can we really be honest? and if someone’s honest to us, can we appreciate it instead of making them regret their decision. Wouldn’t they be encouraged to continue being truthful?

The question is out- unanswered.


5 Common New Year Resolutions And Their Unavoidable Fate


Happy new year!

        Finally it’s that time of the year when we reach for our phones to look up for hangover cures only to be bombarded with new year greetings from friends and mama-jis alike. (Your friends are probably in the same state as you.)
And then you groggily make your way to your inbox that’s flooded with emails asking what your new year resolution is from weight loss and hair-loss companies who know you won’t follow them through in the year ahead.
My New Year resolution is probably staying regular with blogging (haha. I’ve really been procrastinating this since so long and I don’t really have any excuse to give.) Surely, today’s a day to start new beginnings?
While there are resolutions everywhere , Here’s a look at some of the most common resolutions people make.

1.Lose weight/ Start gymming-
These is eternal. Women decide to loose weight before the ‘shaadi season’ starts (should we assume that Deepika Padukone’s  Kellog’s K ads will infirtrate every pixel of our idiot box again?) while boys decide they want to get ripped so they don’t look like one of Tim Burton’s zombie eyed characters trying to fit in at a club.

2. Feed the poor
But then you look at your own fly infested wallet and decide to help yourself to that extra cheesy pizza on discount with the leftover money in the wallet. After all, where could you find someone more broke than yourself? (There goes your first resolution)

3.Decide to ask him/her out

Just go and ask instead of spamming “should I..or what if..” questions on cyber space and your friends’ personal chats.

4. Learn an instrument.
That guitar isn’t going to teach itself. After all, what’s YouTube for? If nothing else, just find solace in the fact that air guitaring is an actual thing with actual competitions.

5. Save money
This is where we all start at on the first day of the month and that (see resolution 2) is where we end up by the time half the month’s gone.

     Whatever your resolutions might be, here’s hoping they avoid a similar fate. Wishing you a Happy New Year.