An Open Letter

If you’re constantly stuck with your eyes glued to your smartphone- liking, sharing videos, dank memes and swallowing all the new information pouring into your feed all at once, this letter is addressed to you.


What’s the worth of your time?


Is the question too vague? Let me construct it better.


What are 30 minutes of your time worth?


Is it one episode of your favorite show?

Five levels on an online game?

One thousand posts on your feed?

What are 30 minutes of your time worth and how do you measure it?


All the content you see on social media and other websites- the cute puppy videos, the heart churning stories about an incident two thousand miles away, the memes- are all curated and created by professionals to illicit an emotion from you. The algorithm understands what captures your attention every time you like or share and then gives you more content tailored to your interests. Professionals look at the trends and manufacture structured information to keep you hooked.

“So what?”, you might ask, “I get all that content for free. I’m not spending my own money.”


But at what cost?


Your time? Your peace of mind?

Losing control of yourself to the addiction of social media is reducing the value of every second you spend on it.


So what’s the worth of your time? How do we measure it?


Let’s design a better world where ‘community’ isn’t just a hollow word redefined by social media.

Let’s build a world that really cares for us and what we really need as opposed to what we want.

A world that works to increase the value of our time.

If you’re like-minded and would like to know more/ start a conversation. Drop in a message/ email so I get a chance to know more about your ideas as opposed to a ‘like’ that’s devoid of any opinion.

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