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Here’s something I’m reading right now.

It’s an interesting article trying to establish that plants have a conscience too and that it isn’t quite different from ours.




Currently I’m home since the holidays began and every time I’ve switched on the television (which happens very rarely,I might add, only when I’m restless and my fingers get twitchy) I’ve come across a dozen food channels or shows about food while browsing.

It is interesting how much the food industry has boomed in the recent years. I still remember sitting with my mother on sunday mornings watching Sanjeev Kapoor’s cooking show on TV. The only show of the kind back in those days. It was a sunday morning ritual predominant in every household.

Slowly there were more shows and then Masterchef happened to our lives. I have never learnt as as much about the cuisines around the world as I have through this masterpiece in tellyland. The concept and the format of the show  food show is compelling enough to make anyone fall in love with cooking.

This made me happy because the platform made a lot of closet chefs come out and follow their passion and start their own ventures in the food industry. It wasn’t a penniless business investment nor was it taboo anymore.


Coming back to the present, with the current senario, I feel a sadness creep in when I think about what it’s come to. We shouldn’t live to eat. Atleast not let food dictate our lives 24*7 and these days our existence seems to revolve around it.

You might argue that as a primal instinct we need to eat food to survive but that’s the thing, we’re not primal beings anymore. We are evolving to satisfy our needs so we can explore ourselves and our environment more so we can attain a higher level of knowledge.

Eat to live. Eating good food is essential, I don’t argue. There is enough to sustain us all so we don’t have to live our lives only thinking about the next meal. Need over greed,maybe?


Just a little something I wanted to say.

See you in the next post!

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