The Power of Living in the Now


We have constantly tried to work on changing a habit or implementing a recent thought of action that we think would take us closest to how we want ourselves to ideally be.

As a self admitted person obsessive person with a need to find order in my daily life, I have constantly tried hard to bring order by planning my day in detail to covering all my obligations to various aspects of my life in a journal which I would update as often as 5 times a day and as I am talking to you-  a mass of people completely diverse in your own way, I am sure some of you have done this too or at the least thought of doing it.

This is where we get lost. Our planning gives us the most satisfaction compared to when we complete the tasks and this is the absolute truth. We start dreaming of being in a space in time where we are our most capable self by having all the areas of our life in order and up to date but as we start working on it, we fall into the same cycle of procrastination and all else that hinders us to achieve that state so we start planning again. It’s a cycle of euphoria and a sudden drop which you try to overcome by doing the same thing that you’d done before to feel better again. We know from common sense that choosing to do the same thing over and over again would not give us a greatly varied result and yet we’d end up in the same place we started from. But how do we overcome this?

Japanese mountaineer Takako Arayama leads climbers on way  to top of Mount Everest

The best way to do this is to completely shut down your thinking faculties. Through language we try to reason with everything in our current environment and state of mind. Stop thinking. This might be the hardest thing to do at first but it’s the best thing you could be doing to yourself. Stop thinking and ask- What could I be doing right now to feel better? and while you ask this to yourself, control your thoughts and only allow the thoughts that are direct answers to your question.

What could I be doing right now to feel better?

I want to finish reading the book i’d started a couple of months back but never completed reading it.  Leave everything you’re doing and start reading.

While reading if you see yourself getting restless, ask again- What could I be doing right now to feel better?

I want to know everything about the origins of jazz music.  Stop reading the book and find out.

You could apply this anytime, anywhere.

You feel like running a marathon but you can’t do it at the time you feel like doing it? Just close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like. Imagine wearing your running shoes and warming up at the starting line with many other participants around. Hear the gunshot and imagine yourself pushing through the swarm of people as you run. Feel the sun on your skin and the wind on your face as you run to your heart’s content. Feel it and you’ll feel you’ve done it.

If you’ve missed out on a lot of work, you might even say to yourself, ‘i’ll feel a lot better if all my work was done’ and so you get down to doing it. It is only as hard as you make it for yourself.

You could talk to family, learn a new dance, catch up with an old friend. You could trek to the highest peak of the Himalayas, you could dive to the deepest corners of the Pacific ocean, you could join an ancient tribe in the amazon forest, hell,  you could swim to the moon and back, you could do all of this right now. The question is- Would you?

While you look for an answer, here’s a video of what the night sky looks like from the space station.








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