The Age Of Consciousness


Our history of evolution has been an interesting one. We entered stone age, moved on to the metal age, the age of industrialization, the atomic age and finally, the age of computers. We have evolved through exploration of the sciences over the years but have you ever wondered what’s next?

Having satisfied our materialistic needs and desires, our curiosity has led us to explore the planet we live in. We’re planning space travel, preparing to live in colonies on the moon if earth was ever declared inhabitable. Having traveled far and wide, we have learnt about the world around us, or have we?


We live in a world where we know everything about other people’s lives instead of our own. We fight our misplaced feelings, inhibitions, self-judgement and crave to search for people who will make us feel good about our own self worth. Our ability to question is proving to be our own downfall, but there is an upside to this. After constantly running in circles and hitting mental roadblocks, we finally ask ourselves, how do we change the way we feel? How do we know what’s the truth after we realise ‘ourselves’ is really our ‘self’? How do explore the ‘self’?


We’re slowly becoming self-aware, of ourselves and the world within us which we never really explored. The power of thought, the influence of our own actions, whether through self administered drugs or through persevered observance- We are slowly but surely entering the age of consciousness.

It is our primeval instinct as humans to be curious and we are hungry for knowledge.

I am hungry for knowledge.

Watch this space.


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