Elephant In The Room- The Panama Papers


We see the elite and the powerful in newspapers everyday and we devour all the information about their work and their life with our breakfast like it was cereal to our lonely, eventless bowl of milk. We have become accustomed to the corruption that surrounds us- Implications and fingers pointing at everyone, the rot in the judicial system and the annihilated concept of a respectful climb to a position of power- is now a part of our daily constitution. We woke up to another day when the panama papers were leaked out by a source only known as John Doe. One of the most wide-spread scandals after Wiki leaks came out, this one did not target governments but instead, it also targeted people. Influential people- From world leaders to reputable millionaires, everyone faced the harsh side of spotlight with lots of criticism and outrage angled at them.

The question is why is the leaking of the names in the panama papers like a bucket full of ice cold reality jolting us to take notice while we’ve already been in the wake of global impropriety.


The Panama papers contain a list of people who have been cashing in their money in offshore accounts as a measure to evade tax. With 1.5 millions names from all over the world implicated in the papers, does it really over 1 million offenders to realise the scale of this corruption? Let’s think about it.

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