Sheena Bora Murder Case- The skeletons in our closets.


Recently, there was a huge excitement everywhere when Sheena Bora’s murder case surfaced. Indrani Mukerjea, the mother of the victim was named as one of the main accused in the case. Slowly, when the police dug deeper, they found a whole intricately designed web of lies and deceit spun by Indrani Mukerjea who was blinded by her lust for power and wealth, to the extent of introducing her children as her siblings and forging fake documents in a bid to clean her lies. There was a lot of discussion, people were shocked and strangely fascinated as they lapped up every single word about the case in the news.
Words flew.
“How could a woman do such a thing? How could a woman kill her own daughter?”
Since the last two centuries, we have been talking about woman’s rights. All through the industrial revolution, the recession, women started working alongside men but never found the status of being equals to men. They were victims of gender inequality. We have worked so hard to abolish this inequality.
Today, Women have climbed social and political ladders. We have had female presidents and even CEOs for multi-national companies.
We say that we consider women as equals to men. Yet, words keep flowing
“How could a woman do such a thing? How could a woman kill her own daughter?”
When netas, say that women should not wear revealing clothing or even jeans. There’s an uproar- “There should be no gender inequality, women have the same rights as men.”
Why didn’t we show the same thought in this case?
Why don’t we ask the right questions? Why do we make it about gender?
When we hear cases about a man murdering his child or commiting other crimes, we gasp and then, we forget. A father can be as loving and caring as a mother to his child. A mother or a father killing a child is equally disturbing. Killing anyone,in general,is an offense that is unfathomable. It makes us question humanity. How distorted human nature can be. How blind humans can get because of their own greed.
So the question should be “How could anyone do such a thing? How could a parent kill his/her own child?”
Lets start asking the right questions.

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