About the Blog

why you ask. about blog

Hey there Curious!
Curiosity’s what got you here, It’ll also make you stay.
The objective of this blog is to create a platform, to bring about a new wave of thoughts, to raise questions, to bring about awareness, to keep people curious and to make them proactive.
Broadly categorised, there are two kinds of people, the first kind complain about things to evoke a response- may it be sympathy or agreement; the second kind, complain and want to do something about it but don’t know how.
This blog caters to the latter.

To the people who have the ability to lead, to the idealists who know how to speak their mind, to the rebels who can change themselves to bring about change, to the people who are curious to know about everything there is.
The only way we can strive to bring change is through conversations and the only way you can spark conversations is by nurturing an opinion.

Having an opinion is like choosing a side in a sport. Win or lose, it affects you and evokes a response from you. Similarly, be curious, read about things, have an opinion about it and go share it with other people; they can be your friends or family or just acquaintances.
Some may agree and some might not, and in this process you will come across like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as you. This gives you an opportunity to connect, which leads to the birth of new ideas. Do something productive with the ideas, together or individually. Anyone can be a leader, a change-maker, that’s the beauty of it, all you have to do is talk first and talk well.

We, humans, are superior. Not just physically with our opposable thumbs but also mentally with our highly functional brain and our ability to speak. Let’s use it for good.
I’m going to contribute by bringing to light interesting topics that i come across, my thoughts and questions through this platform. You can do your part too by reading the posts and sharing your opinions about the topics with other people. Let’s do our bit to make the world a better place to live in. Let’s do it together.

              Agree to disagree? Good. That means you have an opinion. Now go share it with the ones around you and know that if you are : Curious, Questioning, Opinionated, Thought provoking, A leader,
You’re in the right place.

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